Bonita LloydNettles

Bonita G. LloydNettles is an accomplished entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in nonprofit management consulting, finance, and economic development. She possesses a diverse skill set finetuned by her background in community economic development, manufacturing, marketing, corporate finance, and banking.

As the founder of Harlem Renaissance Economic Development Corporation, a 501(C)3 organization, Bonita implemented her vision that economic progress via entrepreneurship has the most profound effect on the community, its institutions, and individuals' lives. Her holistic approach included art, culture, health, education, and housing services which impacted 3000 entrepreneurs, 600 youth, and numerous community residents. These efforts resulted in two prestigious awards from the New York City Department of Small Business Services in conjunction with the Office of the Mayor and citations from local elected officials.

At the same time, Bonita also served as an adjunct professor,  strategic planning consultant, and curriculum creator for young entrepreneurs at Columbia Business School. 

At the invitation of the British government, Bonita explored economic initiatives in London and applied her findings in New York. Drawing inspiration from international development strategies in Africa, Europe and Asia, she spearheaded partnerships to create a peer lending fund, community development financial institution, and empowerment zone that brought $300 million in financial and other resources to Harlem. These strategic partnerships generated more than $30 million in community wealth.

At present, Bonita passionately narrows her focus on art and culture inspired by co-founder and her late husband's poetry and love of Jazz. She edited and published MANSOUR Speaking the Language of Life & Love which is part of a permanent collection at NYPL's Schomburg Center for Research in African Culture and at Smith College. Harlem JAZZART (formerly Harlem JAZZ FILM & ART in the PARK will present Mansour's work and showcase local and international poets,  musicians, and artists.

Bonita is passionate about promoting and preserving Jazz culture through music, art, literary, and oral history, inspired by the literary works of the Harlem Renaissance Economic Development Corporation’s (HREDC) late co-founder.