La Tonya Green

La Tonya M. Green is a New York City based results-oriented activist social scientist. She is also an artist and writer who is a student of power and its uses. She serves as strategic thought- and learning partner to systems change and social justice leaders and influencers in the philanthropic, private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Particularly as they pertain to economic, political, racial, and social equity, La Tonya focuses on data-informed, evidence-based decision-making and measuring organizational and program effectiveness and impact. She has twenty years of experience in management; research and evaluation; organizational assessment, development, and transformation; strategy, planning, capacity-building, and technical assistance.

Her current research is focused on the interior and mundane moments of those residing in Harlem before, during, after, and in between pivotal moments that have changed the neighborhood.

La Tonya holds a Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies and Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. She also holds a Master of City Planning, an Urban Design Certificate, and a PhD in Urban Sociology and City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

La Tonya's work focuses on documenting the interiority of Black people’s lives in Harlem from just before the pandemic, 2018-2019, to the present.