Renita Croney

Renita currently serves as the Director of Presentation & Design at Red Rabbit, an innovative organization committed to transforming the school lunch experience into a celebration of cultural identity. Her work plays a crucial role in helping Black and brown students forge profound cultural connections through their physical surroundings during mealtime.

With a diverse professional background, Renita has excelled as an Interior Designer and consultant. Her portfolio includes office spaces tailored to enhance collaboration and productivity, meditation areas thoughtfully crafted to alleviate pandemic-related anxieties, bedrooms customized to address attention disorders, and living spaces designed to reconnect families to their heritage. In addition to her design expertise, she draws inspiration from her years as an actress on television and film sets. Renita holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and a Masters of Arts in Media Studies from The New School. 

As a Bundles Scholar, Renita will embark on a research journey to explore the Black aesthetic within interior design. Her research will delve into the intricate interplay of colors, textures, shapes and objects, all of which hold a central place in the Black experience, with the goal of understanding why these elements serve as channels for cultural enrichment and a sense of belonging.

Raised by parents with Guyanese roots, Renita spent her formative years in North Carolina and now proudly considers Harlem her home. There she resides with her partner and two children, deeply committed to her mission of creating meaningful spaces that celebrate Black culture.

Renita's work is rooted in understanding the Black aesthetic and how it can be applied to the interior design process, in order to uplift black inhabitants and preserve Black cultural spaces.